NH Flying Misfits R/C Club
AMA Chapter 4137

NH Flying Misfits Glider Day 11/17/01

New club member Robert Anderson invited us to his father's farm in (eastern) Wolfborro, NH for a day of flying on November 11th. We were all hoping to do some 'slope' soaring over a nearby ridge. Rob's dad's place has a nice pasture with a reasonable area to land in. It's not really a runway, but Jim Sarette's E-3D was able to ROG and land there so it is acceptable for moderate sized models. Jim, Chuck, Allan and Robert came from the club as well as Rob's nephew Ian who has a Terry and a Pico-Stick/Cub. Also Neil, a friend from UNH came to watch.

The morning lift was excellent. Jim, Chuck and Allan were all able to take their Soarwatts to speck height on thermal lift. The wind never did pick up enough from the right direction for ridge lift, but there was plenty of light air up until noon-ish when the temperature started to cool off.

Jim flew 2 gliders, his 600 sized elipstik, corsair and his new and very nice E-3D which is a real show-stopper doing just about every trick in the book! Chuck flew his 400 sized elipstik, two Back to Basics 400 gliders (one speed 400 and the other brushless) and his super soarwatt. Al flew his super soarwatt, electric mite, skimmer 400, yard bee and his mouse. He also, after a couple bounces thanks to a reversed servo, got his super soarwatt working on buddy-cord for the beginners (Ian and Neil) to get some stick time on. Robert flew his So-Slow2, super soarwatt and his Zagi which was bounced a couple times.

Robert's dad was a great host, spending most of the day watching and chatting and he even treated us to some fresh mooseburgers which were delicious! This is definately a fun remote site for us to get together at once in a while. Gas planes are welcome as long as you can land with a short-ish approach. See Jim Sarette for more info on the landing conditions. I'll be making up a portable frequency board for the club to use at this and other remote fields in the future.


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