NH Flying Misfits R/C Club
AMA Chapter 4137

Wednesday Night Madness
August 21, 2002

Wednesday night informal fly-in. Cool and windy until it calmed down at dusk. Willie's Fly-Baby finally got wrung out - what a nice ship! Chuck had his Kwik-E finished and it was beautifully covered but didn't fly due to the LVC on his ESC cutting off on the 6-cell pack. Fitzy had a wing come loose on his sailplane and did a wonderfull lawn-dart into the woods and Chuck's glow-powered flying wing fun-flyer eventually got going really well after some CG adjustments. Rich's slowflyer 'Homer' finally makes the web-pages and had three good flights all with uneventful landings - one a real greaser! Chon was up with the venerable Miss Bohemia and Al flew the Cub, Zagi and Kwik-E.

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