NH Flying Misfits R/C Club
AMA Chapter 4137

Wednesday Night Madness
September 4, 2002

Wednesday night informal flying. Good weather - great turnout. We had several guest flyers and a lot of members.

John Marien brought his E-Killer stick (http://www.ne-aero.com/index.html) and Jim Sarette got to fly it and here's what he had to say about the experience,

" I found it very responsive to the slightest inputs and then on the other end of the scale it became docile and very well mannered. Enough so that landing was a non issue. It floated very well and I just had to ensure I didn't fly it too slow.

With the Dewalt motor coupled to a MAT 3.6:1Belt drive on21 cells with an APC 15x10E prop., it could cruise very confidently, ie. it could occupy any airspace/and at any attitude and retain location without any "dropping out of the sky" worries. Like an Ellipstick but easier to see!

Thanks John!"

Al got his E-3D up for a very successfull maiden flight, and also a few flights on his speed 400 hotliner, that was more like a luke-warmliner. There were no major incidents although there were a couple 'rough' landings and a dinged up soarwatt.

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