NH Flying Misfits R/C Club
AMA Chapter 4137

Saturday Flying
September 21, 2002

Chuck Lessard sent in this report from Saturday's flying with the photos and movies below:

"Attached are a bunch of pictures in a zip file taken on Saturday. The wind was up so I didn't fly the Soarwatt. The Electro-gambler flies well in the wind. I need to get better batteries for it.

Willy was exploring new horizons with .90 GLOW powered Stearman. He has a few things to workout on it. It flew a couple of flights without any disasters. He was expecting to feed the pieces to the wood stove.

Jim flew his evolving work I'm referring to as the Nuclear powered Terry Gambler Watt (NTGW). I suppose if you put more than enough brushless power on anything, it will fly.

Mark flew two helicopters. The wind was not a factor for them. One of the new members flew a Sig Fazer. It clipped a tree and kept flying. The only damage was to outboard rib and spar in the adjacent bay. "

Jim Sarette's Photos

Chuck Lessard's Photos

Chuck Lessard's Movies


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