NH Flying Misfits R/C Club
AMA Chapter 4137

Wednesday Night Madness
May 14, 2003

Wednesday night informal fun fly. Another one with a little of everything. Chon had a great maiden of his new Kwik-E. Jeff's re-propped Kwik-E also tore up the sky with vastly improved performance. Jeff also brought his new homemade fun-fly which he calls the 'Homer'. Don Fitzgerald flew his Mirage pusher which went nice but will need some cosmetic touch-ups after losing an argument with the frequency board. Jim Sarette got some nice flights from his auction-bought oldtimer with help from his nephew. Chuck had the E-3D and Elipstik up. Willie brought his "Willy's Air" out for the first flights of the season. Jim Sarette had a fun time looping it and really greased in a nice deadstick landing with it. Al flew his Elegant 700, Taboo XL DLG, The Bat (which needs two servos to be rebuild after a mishap) and the good 'ol Zagi. Al also brought Jim a foam/composite sample polyhedral wing for his Terrywatt testbed plane.

Photos by Al.

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