NH Flying Misfits R/C Club
AMA Chapter 4137

Wednesday Night Madness
May 21, 2003

Was very much a bonus for the brave few that ventured out. I got there @ 6:45PM. Tom Pfeifer (w/nice flying trainer) and flying bud Richard Descheneaux, Chuck Lessard (w/Soarwatt) and myself w/ the 75% newly covered "Playboy" (Cabin style) were rewarded handsomely as the birds experienced light buffeting but cool motors.

Tom had his trainer grooving real nicely, light on the sticks and very stable.  Chuck Lessard's Soarwat had a few nice goes and greased the landings nicely.

I am pretty sure Rich was mesmerized by the Slooooooooooooo flying Playboy. The lightweight ~22oz cabin style bird takes off in 3 feet, and climbs proudly. I still have some trim lines to put on and a NEAT sticker but I couldn't be happier. Chuck Lessard is building one as we speak and was looking on in elevated anticipation.  His has fresh wood and he can build it stock as an electric not converted like mine.

The weight on my Playboy has been reduced and runtime extended by powering it on only 6ea. CP1300 cells.  The little belt drive makes it sound just a real aircraft overhead, and whirls the 12.5x6Aeronaut  nicely, providing short power-on runs to comfortable soaring heights.  The shear elegance of the 99.5% recovered bird still has my mind captivated. After two battery packs and many hands at the sticks it was time to go home the craft had stayed up for most of the night in a damp, Dead-Air situation.  I can barely wait for some lift.  Saturday we got some and Noah got worried cause he couldn't focus on it....it was too small to see!

Well we will just keep doing the things we enjoy and the converts will increase in numbers.

Text by Jim Sarette, Photos by Chuck Lessard (The shots of Tom's plane didn't focus because of low camera batteries).

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