NH Flying Misfits R/C Club
AMA Chapter 4137

Chuck Keller's Plane Photos

Chuck's Mini

Built from CF rod, powered by GWS-C motor and 8-cell 300 mAh NiMh pack.

Chuck's Kwik-E

Here's a shot of Chuck's Kwik-e. Power is Endoplasma car motor on 6 cells direct drive on Graupner 6x6 folder. Beautiful covering that's even better looking in person than in the photos!

Chuck's Air Force - July 2002

Here's a shot of Chuck's 'hangar' that he sent me.

Chuck's SuperCub - April 2002

It has a speed 400 with a grupner gear reducer. Not flown yet but it will be soon.

Chuck's Twin J-3 Cub - March 2002

This is Chuck's Twin J-3 Cub. Power is dual geared speed 400 motors. Gearboxes are offset slightly so props don't touch. This is a model of an actual plane that was built and flew! The paper in the foreground are some photos of the real plane. First photo taken at March business meeting. The rest were sent to me by Chuck with a note that this plane is now finished and ready to fly!

Chuck's Electric Mite Dual-EDF - January 2002

Electric Mite kit converted for dual GWS EDF-50 fans. Wing extended by one bay on each side. Yet to be flight tested.

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