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Jim Sarette's Plane Photos

1929 fleet bipe w/5 cylDummy engine, Electric. 10Series Lipo 4000MAh, 20lbs

Well the maiden voyage of the 1937 Quaker is a success! It was very calm on Sunday, March 16th 2008.

The Quaker is a docile but very nimble flier. Easily turns on a dime, and climbs very quickly. Climb is at a generous 40 degrees, but sssLLLOOoooooowwwwly. This puppy lands like a dream, and it looks great taking off and landing. Handling is great with power off which says that the CG is properly set.

The weight still needs to be measured again, but was targeted for 5-6 lbs. depending on batteries. The motor is an old hacker that was supposed to be fed by 30 NiCad/NiMh's, but flies on 5S-5000MahLipos easily, with an 18x10 prop @ a miserly 24Amps at full bore. With 6-8S Lipo's or 24 NiMh's I expect the power to be diabolical, (Capable of some insane helicoptering at that point) although the current will probably be in the 40 amp range. Too much power for this airframe which weighs in at only 3.5 lbs.

1937 Quaker - 84" Span

The Power System is Electric. TP5331-10motor, 10 (2x5S) Cell(Series) Lipo 4000MAh, Prop is 20x10 or 20x6-10.

Lifts off in 20 feet lands nicely!

Bengston Aerodrome Fokker Dr-I - August 2006

GWS Powered Foamie - January 2004

V-Tail Vortex Rebuild and Soarwatt - July 2002

Vortex flys great, I think he has an old Aveox 14xx in it. The Soarwatt has a custom Terry-ish tail - quite sexy.

Mini-J3-D Stunt Plane - April 2002

Jim was showing off this at the Auction, and finally flew it later on in the week - flies great. Jim is calling this plane the "Blast" since that's what it is to fly - a blast.

J3-D Stunt Plane - January 2002

Jim's E3-D inspired electric Fun-Fly plane, AKA Snoopy Stunt Plane in 'the bones'. This has already flown, but we don't have any more recent photos yet.

Jim also sent these along - what's that on the front of the plane? Seems like a gearbox with a heatsink like that wouldn't be needed if you went brushless? (I think this is a Telemaster)

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